Which Way, Lord?

The life and travels of the apostle Paul can help us find God’s purpose for our lives!


God created every person with a desire for meaning and purpose. Many of us wonder, How do we live the purposeful life God intends for each of us? This 6-week churchwide series is designed to help us consider that big question.

The Damascus road experience was not the only event that sent the apostle Paul on his quest. His entire life—his traditions, education, travels, and challenges—shaped him for ministry. After years of preparation through prayer and discernment, Paul traveled roughly 10 0,000 miles throughout the Mediterranean world to spread the Good News. When he started, he had no idea how God’s plan for him would take shape. This series helps us unpack our lives alongside Paul’s life to find our purpose and passion.

A perfect series for back-to-school, the beginning of a new year, or anytime you need a fresh start, Which Way,Lord? includes a book; DVD with video sessions filmed in Turkey, Israel, and Greece; age-level discussion guides for children, youth, and adults; plus free online sermon starters, worship media, and more.

Rediscover the truths that you are wonderfully made, created for purpose, and equipped to live a life of significance. Despite the adversities and detours you will encounter along the way, you can rely on God. Join us as we travel together to find our purpose.

This series is neither a biography of Paul nor a Bible study based on his letters or theology. Paul is simply used as an illustration of how one person kept the faith despite the odds and made a significant difference in this world. His life and experiences provide a template for seeing how God is working in and through our lives!

Publishing in August 2017!

Rob Fuquay’s Which Way, Lord? is first and foremost a book of encouragement for those who actively seek a purpose and meaningful direction in life as Christians. It is also a delightfully painless way to learn about the life of Paul, his conversion, his careful listening to Christ before beginning ministry, three missionary trips, and all the challenges Paul faced in being obedient to Christ until the end of his life. Fuquay’s writing is informed by scholarship and at the same time user-friendly with its down-to-earth approach. His humor and use of real-life stories, “servant spotlight” testimonies, make for an engaging read. I commend this book for anyone interested in a deepened understanding of and commitment to following the ways of Jesus.
Lallene J. Rector
President, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary