How long are the sessions in each of the series?
We created the age-level  guides for 45-minute sessions and included additional material for midweek groups that meet for 60-90 minutes. You can tailor the content to fit your setting.

What do you have for children?
You’ll notice on the CONTENT FOR LEADERS tab a drop-down for Age-level guides. On that page you’ll find the Children’s Group Guide, download the pdf for your children’s facilitators, it contains additional content for planning their sessions.

OK, so what about youth?
Glad you asked! The Youth Group Guide is also on the Age-level guides drop-down, along with the Adult Group Guide. You’ll also find two helpful articles on Starting and Facilitating small groups from our friends at devozine!

We’ve never offered small groups before. Is there more help online?
Everything you need is included in the Age-level group guides! For youth and adult leaders, we suggest you read the articles “Starting and Facilitating small groups.” If you’re still a little nervous, sign up for the online eCourse as a group through Upper Room eLearning. If you haven’t taken an eCourse we make it easy for you and your group to learn together!

How do we prepare facilitators to lead this study?
Everything you need is included in the Age-level group guides posted under the CONTENT FOR LEADERS tab on this website. We suggest you spend some time going through the guide with your facilitators before your groups begin.

Is Rob on social media?
You can find a page for Rob on both Facebook and Twitter. These pages were originally set up for The God We Can Know. We’ll post content, tips and suggestions, and media clips so follow us online!

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